• 5 Videos | 40 Minutes

    This lesson is based on 2 choruses of really great Charlie Parker lead lines on the song Tiny’s Tempo. It’s a great study for blues players looking to infuse some jazzy-ness into their playing. The solo is in Bb, and the fingerings stay primarily rooted around chord shapes up on 10th to 13th frets. Learning these lines definitely helped open up the fretboard for me, and I think it’s a great study. In the lesson, you will have access to interactive tablature that you can use to slow down or loop a section, and, the tab is synched to the video so you can see it slow motion. I’ve also included a rhythm study, as well as 2 complete breakdown videos that go over each lick note by note, and include some helpful variations. Also you will have a video of me playing the solo with a metronome at a slow tempo with no backing track, as well as a jam track to play along with.
  • 6 Videos | 37 Minutes

    In this lesson we're going to look at some killer Ronnie Earl licks, as played over the T-Bone Boogie. The original performance this lesson is based on is on Youtube (link within lesson), and it's one of those solos that's had a big impact on my playing. The lesson features 24 bars of lead material, and 24 bars of rhythm material. I break everything down note for note, and you will also get access to the interactive video tab player, a slow video played to a metronome and 2 jam tracks (one at full tempo and a slower version). If you'd like to purchase a video exchange add-on, we will work together on this solo, and I will provide additional material and variations to work with.
  • 7 Videos | 57 Minutes

    This lesson looks at the Robert Johnson song Steady Rollin' Man, as performed by Robert Lookwood Jr. Robert Lookwood Jr. is definitely one of my favorite blues guitar players. His unique style brings together elements of Delta Blues, Chicago Blues and Jump / Swing Blues. This is a jam packed lesson segment in which we'll go through his fingerstyle approach on Steady Rollin Man, from the main vamp into a solo section. I've also included some bonuses that cover some Lockwood's tasty rhythmic comping ideas in an electric context. Included will be the interactive tab player, an acoustic jam track, breakdown videos, slowed down performance videos and a bonus "extras" segment.
  • 7 Videos | 68 Minutes

    This is segment #2 of my Swinging The Blues series, in which I cover some hard swinging lines in the style of a great modern jump blues player by the name of Igor Prado. This is a jam packed micro lesson with over 1 hour of instructional material. We'll cover 2 full choruses of solo ideas (and variations), and a separate rhythm study chock full of uptempo comping ideas and key chord substitutions. All performance segments are broken down note for note with analysis and commentary. You'll also have access to the interactive tablature viewer, which is synched to the performance videos, where you can loop sections and slow down parts. Lastly, included is a lengthy mp3 jam track to practice with.
  • This is a lesson that covers a 2 chorus solo, coverings some of my favorite Duke Robillard lines and melodies. It covers things like chromatic phrasing, targeting key chord tones and implying changes form extended blues / jazz harmonies. I’ll breakdown the solos note for note, with over 30 minutes of video commentary and instruction. Also included is a slow version of the sol played without a backing track (for easy practice), a backing track (minus guitar) for practice, and the Soundslice interactive tablature which can be slowed down, looped, etc.
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    This is 2 part lesson where we will cover some of the classic lines that come down out of T-Bone's jump playing. Specifically we'll look at a "must learn" live solo by a new school master player, as he quotes some of T-Bone's best lines. Included is the main performance video, 2 breakdown videos, a slow version played without a backing track (for easy practice), a backing track for practice and the Soundslice interactive tablature which can be slowed down, looped, etc.
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    This is a lesson that explores some key phrasing elements that T-Bone Walker uses in his slow blues playing. Things like fat chordal accents, swing vs straight feels, double-timing, playing through changes and targeting key chord tones. The 12 bar performance piece is a solo guitar piece that combines rhythm and lead elements. It includes a 12 bar performance example, in-depth breakdown, tablature standard notation and more. This lesson is offered free, just complete the order process (no payment info required) to get the download link.